Roller Shutter Security Door Discounts

Roller garage doors won’t just make life easier for you.
They'll also provide you with increased security.

Secure Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage provide you with increased security for your Cars, Motorcycles and familiy Bikes and Valuables.

Locking System

Your roller garage door will have its own automated locking system using coded remote control technology. This state of the art equipment ensures your garage door remains securely locked when closed. And you’ll never have any need for keys.

No Handles

Handles or other protrusions on the exterior of garage doors are a useful aid for potential intruders. But with roller garage doors, no such help shall be given. The flat exterior surface makes breaking and entering a more unlikely prospect. Especially if your garage is adjoined to your home, this additional security is crucial.

Internal Lights

When the door rolls up, the lights come on. And these interior lights remain on you while you park your car, as an additional security measure.

Additional Safety Features

  • Separate up and down buttons
  • Safety edge on door to prevent damage
  • Optional alarm system
  • Vertical rolling motion with no outward swing

CE Marking

The CE marking is an assurance of quality. It indicates that your doors have passed a number of strict safety tests to comply with European regulations. Do not install roller garage doors unless they have this certification.

Massive Savings on Roller Garage Doors

Your security comes first, and roller garage doors are the safest option. We can provide you with the most secure garage door at the best discounted price.

All over Britain, we work with manufacturers who are prepared to drop their prices for anyone who contacts them through us. And we only deal with the highest quality roller garage door providers who guarantee CE Marking standard.

To receive a free no-obligation quote, call our freephone number or fill out the form on this page.

We’re also here to provide you with free, friendly advice. So if you need further information on roller garage doors, get in touch today.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee quality by only working with the best. All of our manufacturers produce nothing other than CE Marking roller garage doors, which denotes compliance with stringent European safety regulations.

We also perform additional checks to ensure the highest possible standards:

  • Financial Standing and Credit Rating
  • References from previous customers
  • Random customer service checks
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